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The Lone Rider

The Lone Rider – a mysterious wanderer has been spotted cruising the Australian outback for over thirty years. His Vehicle ‘The Machine’ is known to have taken him long distances, usually off road, exploring the wonders of the Australian outback. A great love for his machine with the help of Gulf Western Oil has long helped him ‘Go The Distance’ in the harshest of Australian conditions for over 3 decades and still continues to do so today.

The first known spotting of the Lone Rider was at Cocklebiddy by station hands in 1988. Initially, the station hands sightings were laughed off as alcohol induced. However, over the years there has been unconfirmed sightings of the Lone Rider throughout central Australia and more recently in the outer Cobar region of Tindarey, Coolabah and as inland as Kiacatoo. He has been known to assist people in trouble from time to time in the Australian outback.

The Lone Rider does not stay in one place for long, so if you are fortunate enough to cross paths with him, a chilled slushie, and a top up of Gulf Western Oil will be on the cards.

Known As: The Lone Rider
Place of birth: Rumoured to be a wool shed in Mungo, central NSW but officially unknown.
Destination: Unknown
Date of birth: Rumoured to be 26 January 1973
Christian Name: Unknown
Surname: Unknown