ATF – Dexron III 10W

Dex-III, Dex IID, Allison C4, ZF, Mercon, Sunstrand 22, Vickers 35 VQ25A, Cat TO-2, Hagglunds Denison HF-O.

Available in:
• IBC – 30041B
• 205lt – 30041
• 60lt – 36041
• 20lt – 32041
• 4lt – 30441
• 1lt – 30141


Auto Trans Fluid ATF DEX-III is a high performance automatic transmission fluid designed for all transmissions and gear boxes calling for a Dex III, IIE, Type A Suffix or IID specification. It is recommended for use in Automotive, Transport, Industrial, Mining and Earthmoving applications. Also suitable for use in power steering and hydraulic applications calling for the above specification. Dyed red for identification.

Download ATF Dex III Data Sheet

Download ATF Dex III MSDS