Premium Gold 15W-40



Available in:
• IBC – 30021B

• 205lt – 30021
• 20lt – 32021
• 6lt – 30621
• 5lt – 30521
• 1lt – 30121


PREMIUM GOLD is a mid viscosity range premium grade semi synthetic engine oil designed for passenger cars and light diesel engines. It provides superior protection against cold start wear, reduces oil consumption, excellent anti-oxidation capabilities and offers excellent thermal stability.

PREMIUM GOLD is suitable for most 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines manufactured from 1980 onward calling for a SN or earlier specification. It is suitable for turbo charged and super charged engines. It is recommended for Petrol and LPG engines. PREMIUM GOLD is suitable for four stroke motorcycles fitted with wet clutches and stationary engines.

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