Syn-X 3000™ 10W-40


API SN/CF, Ford WSS-M2C-945A/946A, Chrysler MS6395

Available in:
• 205lt – 30037
• 20lt – 32037
• 5lt – 30537
• 1lt – 30137


SYN–X 3000™ is a high performance, high quality, semi synthetic premium grade passenger car / light diesel engine oil meeting the latest in API additive technology and fuel efficiency. It is formulated with synthetic base stock ensuring cleaner engines, reduced engine wear and reduced oil oxidation. Boasting a 10W-40 viscosity, it offers rapid start up flow that reduces cold start wear and has excellent thermal stability. SYN–X 3000™ is recommended for most 4, 6 and 8 cylinder passenger cars manufactured from 1980 onward. It is suitable for turbo charged and super charged engines. It is recommended for Petrol, LPG and lightly loaded diesel engines.

Download Syn-X 3000 Data Sheet
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