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COMP 50 PLUS 25W-70

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SAE 25W-70


205L – 30024 | 20L – 32024 | 5L – 30524

COMP 50 PLUS is a high viscosity engine oil formulated for both high revving, hard working race engines and it is also formulated for older, worn engines with oil consumption or fuming problems. COMP 50 PLUS is a proven performance oil in heavily worked engines including those using methanol and nitro methane fuels.

It is formulated with a tack additive for dramatically reduced fuel lube wash-off and is ideal for engines with larger bearing clearances. COMP 50 PLUS is also ideal for older, worn engines. It will slash or even eliminate oil consumption and smoke in older engines. COMP 50 PLUS is recommended for turbo and supercharged engines, petrol, LPG and diesel powered engines. Suitable for motorcycles fitted with wet clutches such as V twin engines.