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Wynn’s® Professional Formula Engine Flush is a preoil change flush that internally cleans vital engine parts, removing harmful deposits, sludge & varnish that impede oil flow. Wynn’s® Engine Flush is specifically designed to gently dissolve & remove internal engine contaminants by suspending them in a high level of dispersants. The Wynn’s® Professional Formula Engine Flush ensures maximum drainage of the contaminants with the old used oil, thereby minimising new oil contamination. Contains concentrated detergents & dispersants to dissolve, suspend & removes crankcase impurities. Restores engine compression & performance. Contains no harmful solvents, acids or alcohols. Protects metal parts from harmful contaminants between oil changes. Frees sticking piston rings & hydraulic valve lifters. Contains Wynn’s® Friction Proofing™ for extra protection of metal surfaces during flushing. Suitable for both petrol & diesel engines in cars & trucks.