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Wynn’s® Professional Formula Diesel Inject-A-Clean & Biocide for high pressure/common rail systems has been developed using the latest cleaning & lubricating technology while still being compatible with traditional diesel systems. As Wynn’s® Diesel Inject-A-Clean mixes with the diesel & moves through the fuel system, detergents quickly & safely break down the deposits in suspension & removes them via the combustion process. It cleans the injectors & contains a DCA (Deposit Control Additive) to help prevent the formation of new deposits. The biocide is designed to kill all unwanted microorganisms & stop the exponential growth of the diesel bug. Wynn’s® Diesel Inject-A-Clean cleans & protects high-pressure/common rail systems against excessive fouling, wear & water contamination damage. Safe to use with oxygen sensors, DPF & other emission controls.