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SAE 10W-40, ACEA C3, API SP/CF. Suitable for use in out of warranty service applications and high mileage engines where the following specifications are ACEA A3/B4, C1 (obsolete), C2 and C4, BMW LL-04, LL-01, Ford M2C-913D, 913C, 913B, GM Dexos 2, MB 229.31, 229.51, MB229.3, MB 229.5, Renault RN700/RN710, VW 504/507, 502 00/505 01.

205L – 300345

Full synthetic specially engineered low SAPS high performance lubricant designed to be suitable for most modern engines running on petrol, LPG or diesel even in equipment employing particulate filters. PROTECTA UNIVERSAL 10W-40 has been formulated to offer ultimate protection and versatility. The full synthetic, low volatility base oils combined with the low ash additive package mean that the oil can be safely used in many modern diesel powered vehicles where ACEA C category oils, designed to protect engine and catalysts and particulate filters, are specified. PROTECTA UNIVERSAL 10W-40 has also been designed to protect turbocharged gasoline direct (TGDI) engines and includes gasoline particulate filter (GPF) protection. The advanced formulation offers enhanced oxidation performance, piston cleanliness and sooted valvetrain wear performance compared to earlier specifications such as API SN. With the Australian car fleet average age being more than 10 years old and with many owners looking for value protection outside of the warranty period, PROTECTA UNIVERSAL 10W-40 offers a highly versatile solution for a wide range of vehicle makes and models.