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SYN-X LV 0W-20

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ACEA C5, API SN Plus, BMW LL17FE+ (backwards compatible BMW LL14FE+), MB 229.71, Volvo VCC RBS0-2AE, Ford WSS-M2C947-B1, Opel OV 0401547, Fiat 9.55535-GSX, Chrysler MS-12145, JLR STJLR 03-5006-16.

20L – 320204 | 5L – 305204

SYN-X LV 0W-20 is a full synthetic ultra high performance engine oil suitable for a wide range of modern gasoline and diesel powered vehicles where the owner demands ultimate engine performance and protection. SYN-X LV 0W-20 has been formulated to meet the demanding requirements of most leading European and US engine specifications calling for a low viscosity, fuel efficient engine oil including engines incorporating advanced exhaust after treatment systems such as diesel and gasoline particulate filters. SYN-X LV 0W-20 can be used where fuel economy oils are specified whilst providing excellent protection to both engine and particulate filters. SYN-X LV 0W-20 is recommended for use in many hybrid engines due to the enhanced engine stop-start protection and resource conserving properties of the oil.