Ultra Clear Compressor VG 46 & 68

ISO 46 & 68. Suitable for many modern compressors including Atlas Copco -Model GA & GAU series, Jaeger Machine Company rotary screw & rotary vane, Atlas Copco portable rotary screw XA XAH, LeRoi Division.

Available in:
ISO 46
• IBC – 30079B
• 205lt – 30079
• 20lt – 32079

ISO 68
• IBC – 30095B
• 205lt – 30095
• 20lt – 32095


ULTRA CLEAR COMPRESSOR VG 46 & 68 is a highly advanced, shear stable full synthetic compressor oil offering excellent thermal stability, reduced wear, increased service life (up to 5,000 hours with oil analysis), excellent filterability and has good air release properties. It is formulated with poly alpha olefin (PAO base oil technology). It is suitable for a wide range of compressors including piston, rotary vane, reciprocating, axial and screw air compressors. Not suitable for use in compressors producing air for breathing.

Download Ultra Clear Compressor VG 46 & 68 Data Sheet

Download Ultra Clear Compressor VG 46 MSDS

Download Ultra Clear Compressor VG 68 MSDS